Gul 3


In the liner notes for their debut ”Soul”, J. Corbett the Chicago musical oracle, wrote lyrically about the band’s almost macabre sense of interplay, and how their slow motion playing style cannot be defined through references to other astists work or aesthetics. Gul 3 is something else.

Sure, Johan Arrias saxophone playing can be associated to Julius Hemphill and Lee Konitz, but it has a twist of it’s own, it´s a satellite per se. The same can be said about Leo Svenssons ”doublebass–like” cello playing and Henrik Olssons conciously unforced percussion style.

With equal portions of passion and tranquillity, Gul 3 is simultaneously, impressionistic and expressionistic, their improvisations bringing creative pioneers like Harry Partch and Moondog to mind, but also more rock-orientated precursors.