Leve Hogrän Linus Larsson and John Roger Olsson

Linus Larsson and John Roger Olsson

  • 1Two Errors
  • 2In the Shadows
  • 3Dead Loggers
  • 4Atrocities and Murders
  • 5Daylight
  • 6Motion of Steel in Memories
  • 7A Tribute
  • 8Beyond the South Tunnel
  • 9Björkhagen

"Leve Hogrän" is the result of ten nights of sound experiments and recordings in an apartment outside of Stockholm. Keyboards, reed, organ, toy synths, Fender Rhodes, guitars and drums share space on  these 9 songs. All is improvised and played by hand.

It's a diverse and carefully considered album that leaves a dreamy imprint in the mind long after listening. Recorded in the autumn of 2007, left unheard on a harddrive for 3 years and now brought back into the light by Headspin Recordings. "Leve Hogrän" is a digital release that can be found worldwide in your digital music shop of choice.