plays Weather Report Oddjob


This year the classic label Amigo Music celebrates its 50th anniversary, and since Oddjob released their first three albums on Amigo (including the Swedish Grammis award-winning debut album ”Oddjob”) the band were asked to release an EP.

For a long time, Oddjob has had an idea to interpret and pay homage to one of their household gods, the legendary jazz fusion band Weather Report. So when the question about making an EP came up, they decided to realize that dream. The band have chosen songs from Weather Report that are not the most obvious hits, but rather the ones that they felt both challenged them and interacted with the sound and groove of Oddjob the most. The music is from Weather Report’s perhaps most creative period in 1974-1978 which includes the albums Mysterious Traveller, Tale Spinnin', Black Market, Heavy Weather, and Mr. Gone.

The album "Oddjob Plays Weather Report” will be digitally released on December 2nd and will be celebrated with a gig at the jazz club Fasching in Stockholm on the same day. It will also be published in a limited edition 10 "vinyl in a partnership with Headspin Recordings in early 2017.