Oh Lord, Why can't I keep my big mouth... Yttling Jazz

Yttling Jazz

  • 1Tokyo Hyatt
  • 2Konstant Krease
  • 3Mr. Sofistication At The Losers Club
  • 4Yttling Jazz #1
  • 5Piano In The Background
  • 6Between Two Stools
  • 7Det Egentliga Västerbotten
  • 8(Theme From) Woyzeck
  • 9My Big Mouth Shut

Yttling Jazz = cascades of rhythm and sound!

“Oh Lord, Why can’t I keep my mouth shut” is simultaneously the most respectful and the most disrespectful jazz-album that has come about in Sweden during the current century. With open referrals and even commentaries to his sources of inspiration and darlings; Charlie Mingus, Duke Ellington, Ornette Coleman, Don Ellis, Nino Rota, Lars Gullin, Ennio Morricone, Joe Meek, Jan Johansson and others, Björn Yttling and his men have blasted the prevalent framework of what jazz should sound like, and that regardless of what side you claim to belong to. Shameless and harsh with a color-richness you rarely hear, this 9-step rocket finds its way into each cell of your center of perception !

Björn Yttling is, of course, best known as one third of the pop-constellation Peter, Bjorn and John, but also as the producer of artists like Nicolai Dunger, Marit Bergman, Robyn and Moneybrother. For all that, Björn has snorted at jazz before. In the early 1990’s he had a quintet that among other venues played at the Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm. Ten years later, spurred by Jonas Kullhammar, he went back into writing “jazz tunes” again. The outcome became this pearl, where Björn’s unerring feeling for sound, composition and arrangement - not essentially different from Sun Ra’s exclusive universe - takes Jazz up to new domains and dimensions. Yttling Jazz = cascades of rhythm and sound!

Björn’s own commentaries track by track.

  • 1. TOKYO HYATT: First performed in 2003 before an extremely enthusiastic audience in the bar at the Tokyo Hyatt Hotel, Japan.
  • 2. KONSTANT KREASE: Drum-Machine-Jazz.
  • 3. MR. SOPHISTICATION AT THE LOSER’S CLUB: A tune as stubborn as the entertainer in the movie.
  • 4. YTTLING JAZZ #1: Swedish Jazz at its best, meaning without cliché -cymbals.
  • 5. PIANO IN THE BACKGROUND: Just a common blues with two fantastic saxophone-solos and a bassline that´s probably stolen from one of my heroes.
  • 6. BETWEEN TWO STOOLS: Jazz performed with a Phlicorda-organ.
  • 7. DET EGENTLIGA VÄSTERBOTTEN: Well that’s what it sounds like, I assume.
  • 8. (THEME FROM) WOYCECK: I wrote this one for a theater play that I never saw.
  • 9. MY BIG MOUTH SHUT: Fine tune,worthy of imitation, short and without vocals.