The Reason Why Vol. 2 Goran Kajfeš

March 27, 2015

Uncut Magazine

Eclectic Swedes give Grizzly Bear a jazz makeover On Vol. 1, trumpeter Kajfes and his group applied rumbustious jazz-rock teatments to tune by Tame Impala, Soft Machine and Cluster, revealing thmeselves as a prejudice-smashing band akin to fellow Scandinavians Jaga Jazzist. This time, the song-book´s little more obtuse, with vibrant attacks on Milton Nascimento (Brazil), Francis Bebey (Cameroon) and a clutch of old Turkish psych jams; Mahzar Ve Fuat´s "Adimiz Miskindir Bizim", fuzztoned organ to the fore, is especially rewarding. Kajfes´ arrangements are punchy and accesible. Nevertheless, a lyrical take on Grizzly Bear´s "Yet Again" is a neat point of entry for those daunted by the exotic range. José González guests inconspicuously.