Headspin Goran Kajfeš

May 7, 2004

Dagens Industri


What is jazz? Is it a defined sound with fixed standards? Or is it a free concept about music in continuous development? If you start out from the latter definition Goran Kajfes album Headspin is not only a Swedish jazz masterpiece but one of the best jazz albums I’ve heard in years.

The trumpeter Goran Kajfes is born in Sweden by Croatian parents. He has been playing in a great number of different constellations, from the soul collective Blacknuss Allstars through guest appearances with the Cardigans to the much-acclaimed new jazz group Oddjob. All these influences are present in his own music.

If Miles Davis, who was always in search of novelty, would still be alive this might be the way his music would have sounded. It sounds as all kinds of modern pop music has been put into a blender and then filtered through a jazz trumpet. Headspin is a "Tutu" for the 21st century.