Headspin Goran Kajfeš

March 26, 2015


Kajfes is a Swedish trumpet player with a thing for obscure psychedelia, music which influenced his album X/Y in 2010 and some of which he subsequently covered on the first volume of "The Reason Why". He clearly had a catholic musical upbringing; four of the six artists whose work he and his electric and brass-powered Arkestra cover on "Vol. 2" are rare birds indeed - some don´t even come up on Wikipedia! The two artist I recognise however, are Milton Nascimento and Grizzly Bear, the former´s "A Lua Girou" being the most melodic and least psychedelic at all, as anyone familiar with the Brazilian´s work will know. The rest of the album is pretty intense and heady stuff, played in full effect by a nine-strong band that is augmented on the last track by the voice of José Gonzalez. However, the two little-known Turkish covers are the most remarkable tracks here, all the more emphatically so in the modern recording style of these interpretations. They set the tone for a belting, all hands on deck, don´t spare the horses great album. This is a first class Subtropic Arkestra, of that there´s no doubt.