Headspin Goran Kajfeš

May 14, 2004



It probably impresses people in different ways but Goran Kajfes participates on both Janet Jackson’s and Stina Nordenstams new albums. He is definitely our (Sweden’s) most multifaceted and exciting jazz musician. Soon after the release of the group Oddjob magnificent debut album he’s back with his second album as a solo artist.

It’s a sensual and extremely inviting world of sound that opens up, where the most slippery funk and the meanest industrial noise meets doomsday dub, Miles Davis "Filles de Kilimanjaro", Balkan sadness and the most luscious electronic tricks you can imagine. The producer David Österbergs loops and electronic rhythms brings Bugge Wesseltofts productions to mind but this is a much more spicy piece of work.

There is a feverish yet searching and passionate desire to communicate throughout. This as far from pleasing background music as you can imagine. This is burning - all over.