X/Y Goran Kajfeš

June 15, 2011

Mojo Magazine

Startling two-disc UK debut from Scando jazz trumpeter.

In his home country of Sweden, Goran Kajfes is a music scene linchpin. Here in the UK, were just getting acquainted, with this, his debut British release. Having worked with everyone from Lester Bowie to Soundtrack Of Our Lives, as musician and producer, Kajfes is as versed in rock riffs and orchestral arrangements as he is the more free tributaries of jazz. With X/Y he splits his sound in two. CD X enlists members of Dungen, Tape and various Scando jazzers for a band groove that veers from tripped-out library music to "Get Up With it" - era Miles Davis. CD Y is more introspective with electro-acustic Scando horns threaded through immersive Tangerine Dream atmospheres. Packaged in book form, with each track illustrated by a select Scandinavian artist. X/Y is a deep, rewarding journey into the past and present of cosmic traveling.


Andrew Male